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Anyone, who had ever tried his hand into photography, knows that to create a nice picture is not an easy task to accomplish. To obtain a nice photo you need not only the appropriate equipment and remarkable skills, but also time and creativity. In this article I will tell you how to attain photos free of charge in case your blog, portal or web page requires a tasty design, but there are not suitable photos at your service. Find out more in ‘3 Best Free Photo Image Sites’ article.

What is demand for free photos in the world?

Yes, every month in Google search people from the whole world are looking for the opportunity to download photos that are free of charge. For example, the key word “free photos” is searched monthly approximately by 50,000 people, but “free pictures” by more than 30, 000 people. Thousands of people are looking for photos and images free of charge in the Internet using other key words as well – so we can easily conclude that demand for such service is relatively high. 3 Best Free Photo Image Sites cont.>>

Is downloading free photos legal?

Downloading photos free of charge is completely legal in case the requirements of sites, from which the photos are downloaded free of charge, are not breached. Most often such restrictions refer to actions of commercial character, and if you don’t start to use the acquired photo for commercial purposes (for example, to sell T-shirts which have a print of corresponding photo), the download of particular photography is completely legal from the position of law. 3 Best Free Photo Image Sites cont.>>

Where is it possible to download photos free of charge (3 Best Free Photo Image Sites )?

  1. One of the most attractive „photo banks” is http://www.stockvault.net/. This homepage is not only simple, nicely designed and easily comprehensible, it also comprises thousands and thousands of photos of the most exquisite quality. Website has more than 45,000 users. The photos of various topics can be found there (app. 30. 000) and they are completely free of charge. It is allowed to use images in the digital form, in non-commercial web pages and multimedia presentations, as well as non-commercial media and materials – newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, flyers, in the format of CD/DVD covers, business cards, etc. Whereas the prohibition to use the photos free of charge refer to the use of photos in illegal, pornographic or amoral projects; to backbite or offend the respect of a person; to advertise the products or services; to negatively impact the activity of Stockvault; to create material that is supposed to be copied and sold. To conclude: in Stockvault it is possible to find not only photos that are free of charge, but also graphical paintings, 3D animations and various textures. 3 Best Free Photo Image Sites cont.>>
  2. Next notable webpage which I would like to share with you is http://www.freedigitalphotos.net. It is link which allows you to download photos for free. Here you can get excellent photos, yet it must be admitted that as to terms of use it differs a little from Stockvault page mentioned above. Policy of this webpage differs consequently: you can also use photos that are free of charge for commercial purposes: web design, printed media, advertisements, on book covers, in software and many other places. However, the restrictions refer to the size of photo. Namely, it is possible to download photos free of charge, which are of small size only (with 400 pixels at the longest edge); but considering acquisition of photos of a larger size you must be ready to pay a certain amount of money (3-10) U.S. dollars. The thing that is of great advantage is that in „photo bank” it is possible to download photos with people and also icons legally and free of charge. Wherewith this webpage may be of great advantage for editors of various blogs and portals, who most often toned to add a nice picture to the text. For example, a photo for this article is taken from this source as well. 3 Best Free Photo Image Sites cont.>>
  3. Enormous amount of photos is offered by a http://www.everystockphoto.com, which works as indexation and  search platform that gathers photos free of charge in one place (these photos vary in quality and size), and allows the users of Internet to download them. This platform is active since 2006 and allows its users not only to download photos, but rate, collect and comment on them as well.
  4. Oh wait, there is one more site to be mentioned ans it is called TopStock. It is a completely new site, but it seems that it will beat above mentioned ones, because of oustanding quality and pure concept. Good luck guys!


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So, we can conclude that opportunity to get photos that are free of charge is rather wide. If only your needs are not specific, or ambitious (for commercial purposes) you can enrich your web page, blog or printed media with the help of Internet where you can get plenty of free photos without paying a cent! Please tell friends if you liked the ‘3 Best Free Photo Image Sites’ article!

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